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Vertical Closing Set - Special order item! Please contact for availability.

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Special order item.

Please contact for availability.

Allows to complete the finish of raised floors that have no walls around the entire perimeter. It is also used for creating steps at different heights within a composition.
One closing is hooked to the Pedestal at the bottom and the other one at the top. For corners, put 2 at the head and 2 at the base perpendicularly.
With the base, the Pedestal does not lose strength or tilts due to the bottom sheet.

peygran pedestal vertical closing set









The bottom sheet fits perfectly to the base for vertical closing. This way, the entire base of the Pedestal is supported correctly and has no reduction in resistance.
If the Pedestal tilts, it loses the base support and therefore, it loses resistance
and wears.

Includes: top sheet, bottom sheet and base

Special order item. Please contact for availability.