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Peygran leveling system starter kit is a perfect way to begin using leveling system.

The Starter Kit consists of 100 clips, 100 wedges and pliers, the Super Kit consists of 400 clips, 200 wedges. and pliers.  


Our store provides You all accessories needed during the grouting and tile leveling. Using our products You will have a guarantee of the best results, no matter if You are professional tiller or DIY person. We are distributors of high quality tools manufactured by Montolit and Peygran companies, the finest producers of tile leveling accessories.

Handy kit for perfect tile installation

You are organizing an overhaul into the bathroom and You’re looking for proper set of accessories… With tile leveling system kit available into our store Your job will be easier than You may think. Set contains big number of tools required during leveling: wedges, pliers and clips in a special price starting from $99. This starter & super kits are recommended not only for a professional tillers, but also for DIY person. It was manufactured by Peygran company, top producer of overhaul accessories.

With this tile leveling kit You don’t need to be worry about any inequalities between the tiles and underneath entire surface. Wedges and clips are helping to keep tiles in stillness while mortar is drying. The kit’s operation method is really simple, the highest piece is pressing down until it is even with the rest of the tiles. Because of that You will accomplish essential improvement to the plain surface.

Wedges available in our tile leveling system kit were made of a tough plastic, that is why it may be in use for several times. Thanks to special design of wedge’s teeth You may match one tile to another with perfect precision. And after the job is done, You can remove wedges and clips with one, simple hand gesture.

Our tile leveling kit also contains pliers, which are applying the accurate pressure to the wedge, which is relevant for proper tile leveling. It may be use for tile installation in both floors and walls, without the nippers You won’t be able to gain adequate flatness of surface. Each product from the kit is also available in our store separately. Visit tool section for more accessories for tile leveling.