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Adjustable Pedestals - Special order item! Please contact for availability.

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Special order item!

Please contact for availability.

We offer 8 types of adjustable Pedestals:

SP Raised Floor Pedestal 37-50mm

SP0 Raised Floor Pedestal 50-75mm

SP1 Raised Floor Pedestal 80-130mm with lock nut

SP2 Raised Floor Pedestal 130-220mm with lock nut

SP3 (SP2+1 Bushing) Raised Floor Pedestal 220-310mm

SP4 (SP2+2 Bushings) Raised Floor Pedestal 310-400mm

SP5 (SP2+3 Bushings) Raised Floor Pedestal 400-490mm

SP6 (SP2+4 Bushings) Raised Floor Pedestal 490-580mm

All the types include 4mm (5/32") built in spacers.
Compatible with the Pad for insulation and with the Fixed Pedestals to complement if necessary. The SP1 and SP2 models are available with a Lock nut to lock the height and a Base, both flat and with 1 and 2% inclined base, on request.

Resistance greater than 1,000kg (2200 Lbs).

Special order item!

Please contact for availability.