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LS Compact - Super Kit

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PEYGRAN® COMPACT is a Heavy-Duty, High-Performance Leveling System best in the market for leveling tiles and preventing lippage. FEATURES INCLUDE:

 Wide wedge for wider area coverage and downwards leverage,

Angled wedge top for improved central position, grip and pressure,

Rounded wedge bottom edges to prevent scratches,

Superior wedge material for a longer reusable life, &

Better designed clip-tops which, after use, can be reused as tiling support wedges or spacers.

 UNLIKE MOST LEVELING SYSTEMS IN THE MARKET, Peygran Compact tile spacer clips are scientifically engineered and made from a combination of high tensile strength nylon and polyamide to yield an exceptional even and leveled finish –note the online reviews

 PEYGRAN COMPACT –SUPER KITS come with 500 tile spacer clips, 200 wedges and 1 pair of ergonomic installation pliers. Wedges are reusable. Once the clip tops have been removed from their bases, due to their special wedge shape, they can be used as tiling support wedges and spacers.