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Peygran wedges are reusable and they have round edges to not damage ceramics.

Special design of saw shaped teeth makes adjustments easy.

Use same wedge with high clips and wedge base.



Overhaul in the bathroom can be a lot easier with proper tools. In our store You will find all the accessories needed during tile leveling, grouting and other labours. We are offering You the sophisticated equipment by Montolit and Peygran, producers specialized in tile installation tools and other accessories for overhauls.

Useful clip and wedge system

In the store You can purchase tile leveling clip and wedge system, which will give You a guarantee of fine result. Using our accessories You will avoid any inequalities underneath the surface and between the tiles. During the drying of mortar, tiles will remain in the same position and because of that, entire process will be a lot quicker. Thanks to this system, the highest piece will be pressing until it will be evenly placed with rest of the tiles. Our system contains tile leveling clips and wedges in various sizes, you may also buy a starter kid for tile leveling.

Wedges available into our store were produced from highly durable, synthetic material. Each edge of wedge is curved to protect delicate surfaces of tiles from devastation. Product can be in use for multiple times, which is good both for environment and Your wallet. And because of particular design of wedge’s teeth the adjustments is much easier. In a special prize of 29 Dollars you will purchase a set of 100 wedges. Product is also available in the tile leveling clip and wedge system kit, with a big amount of clips, wedges and a pair of pliers.

No matter if you are professional tiller or DIY person, with clips and wedges from Peygran entire process of tile installation will be a lot easier. With this product you will gain a perfect leveling, without using too much strength. One pack of tile leveling wedges will be enough for entire overhaul, cause product is made of a firm, reusable material. If you are looking for other materials for tile leveling, please check the products section that includes floats, tile cutters, blades and a lot more.