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PEYGRAN is one of the best and most complete tile installation system out in the market. Aside from offering a wide range of spacer clips and wedges, it also offers special components that include stone clips, anti-scratch protection plates, 90 degrees leveling brackets and adjustable ergonomic pliers.  Unlike other systems, PEYGRAN tile spacer clips are scientifically engineered and made from a combination of high tensile strength nylons and polyamides to yield an unmatched performance.

  • PEYGRAN WEDGE BASES WORK WELL TO INCREASE TILE THICKNESS for tiles that are 3 to 5mm in thickness (with standard Peygran clips), and for thicknesses that are 17 to 20mm (with Peygran stone clips).
  • SIMPLY THE MOST RELIABLE TILE LEVELING SYSTEM OUT ON THE MARKET –PEYGRAN TILE LEVELING SYSTEM is heavy-duty and high-performance. It saves time, it is installation headache-free, and it yields the perfect leveled finish.
  • PEYGRAN TILE LEVELING SYSTEM ELIMINATES FLOOR AND WALL TILE LIPPAGE TO A PERFECT FINISH. When installing, there are no premature breakages, no clip stubs, and best of all, a clean removal of clips from their bases.
  • PEYGRAN IS RECOMMENDED BY MANY REPUTABLE SETTERS around the world. Note the online reviews.